How To Start a Career in Equine Feed Research
High School: a high school student that wants to be on course for any career in Equine studies need to have taken all core sciences, and it is recommended to take anatomy and physiology. High school students should also try to volunteer at a local zoo and/or vet clinic. Students should also volunteer at a local stable as much as possible to understand how a typical barn works and get hands on experience with the animals a career in equine feed research would be working with every day.

College: College students should major in equine studies. Many colleges offer Equine Studies as a major. This major focuses on ridinG, care, riding, breeding, and anatomy . Going to a school that provides this major is essential, but finding a college that has facilities dedicated to equine/large animal research would be the smartest choice for

Internships: as previously mentioned in the section about High School student requirements, zoo and vet internships are required and extremely helpful for success in this field

Job Provider: The first most obvious choice of employment to consider after choosing to be an Equine Feed Researcher, would be to work for a "big-name" feed provider, such as Purina. This choice holds many possibilities, such as researching quality consistency, effects of feed on digestive systems, energy, and body productivity, or research what vitamins may need to be added to a new of improved feed. Not only is Purina a great feed producer,they do not specialize in Equine feed. Smartpak is a company that specializes in customized vitamin packs. Smartpak is a highly profitable company that would be a way to analyse the effects of vitamins on an equine body; on their website they have listed every vitamin that they use in their products, and the biochemical effects.

What does to job consist of
The study of Equine feed, as the name implies, doestypically involve much contact with horses. Purina Mills Equine Research facilities host one of the largest equine study facilities in the United States. The college board published a specific article on what it takes to have a job in any job that involves equine study. A feed researcher has a much more specific job description than that of what is covered in equine studies. Some one that choices this field, mustWilling to work outdoors
Enjoy studying and handling animals that weigh over a ton
Want to use Chemistry on a daily basis
Want to occasionally work in the lab
Communicate to the feed producers on quality or a change ingredients

How does a background/education in Chemistry drive success in this field
An understanding of how vitamins and digestion, energy levels, and bodily efficiency all go hand in hand. Smartpak published a list of the effects of ingredients. I will explain how three different common herbs chemically effect equines.

Garlic is a very common, but very powerful herb. Over 160 different compounds have been found in garlic. garlic is very rich in natural sulfur. Garlic can also greatly improve digestion and the immune system, by ridding the stomach of parasites, and it increases natural bacterial flora. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic that does its best work in the respiratory system. Garlic has the winning combination of being both an antibiotic and assist in soothing a cough, it can help with mucus in the lungs and any infection that is present. It also helps to cleanse the blood. When released in feces will help repel external pests, such as biting flies or ticks. It also helps with cancer related to cardiovascular disease.

Raspberry can help reduce mare-like out bursts while riding, this can come in handy when transporting a high strong mare. It also helps ease pregnancy problems by relaxing some muscles

not only is Rosemary used in the home for good smells, but some horse owners use it to sooth their hose when traveling or going off property. the strong scent masks any new unfamiliar, scary smells that may make them more tense. not only does the smell have soothing properties, but some components can improve mental concentration and blood supply to the brain. It is also can improve the circulatory system. Rosemary is an antiseptic, anti-spasmodic and has antidepressant properties.

Angelique S.-are there and chemicals in any foods that are bad for horses, like how dogs can't eat chocolate?

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